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Hanukah in the Midst of Advent

As we count towards the day of Jesus birth. I can’t help but pause and remember Hanukah. Today as I walked the halls of the schools where I am a physical therapist I couldn’t help but pause when I heard the words “dreidel dreidel dreidel I made it out of clay…” resonate throughout the hallways. Instantly I was reminded of wonderful times celebrating Hanukah with my Grandma Laura.

When I was growing up I was blessed to have a surrogate Grandmother.My grandparents lived quite a distance and this amazing woman stepped into my life to be my “Bubby”. Her name was Laura Adler. Grandma Laura was that person that made her way through life not looking for praise but blessed every person she came in contact with. She was also an amazing cook and entertainer. It seemed like it was every week that my “family” would get together for some occasion to partake in Grandma Laura’s amazing smorgasboard of food. She was famous for potroast, potato latkes and my two favorites meat balls and salmon croquettes! The salmon croquettes were served with homemade cocktail sauce that is untouchable ! Tonight as an homage to my surrogate Jewish Grandmother… I couldn’t help but make potato latkes and remeber Hanuakah. I have never actually made them. I am sure that I had helped my grandma at one time but am unclear if I actually made them so tonight my husband and I worked together to make the most incredible latkes. They were light and flaky, crispy and hot with just the right amount of seasoning to make it perfect ! I used the recipe from this months issue of YUM for kids. (my new favorite magazine… if you haven’t seen it yet you must go get it and it has amazing ideas for recipes for children)

So to all my Jewish friends and family L’Chaim!

Let us all reflect on the faith from which our Savior came from as we prepare for His birth!

Grandma Laura you may be gone but you have made an indelible mark on my heart, mind and soul. I love you! Say Hi to Papa Harold for me ! You would love your great grandaughter Caitlyn. She has a delightful smile, outgoing personality, loves food (including matzah ball soup!) and has the sweetest disposition. I miss you !

Comfort food for Hanuakah

Grandma Laura's Great Granddaughter Caitlyn


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