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22 days left till Christmas…. Hope

After a very very very long week, I looked to find Hope. The oil burner broke, the bills kept coming in, a lecture given left much to be desired and the list goes on…. but then last night as I was writing my Hanukkah in the midst of advent blog… I started to choose to hope again. Sometimes our circumstances seem to block our conscious choice to hope. In November I went on a retreat with the girls of Center Point Church and the speaker Amy Davis spoke from God’s mouth right to my heart. She said that hope was a choice not a feeling that comes and goes, and that we shouldn’t live our daily lives in fear of what is going to happen but instead live knowing that we can hope knowing that God has something good in store for us and is going to bless us . How profound and true that is. So yesterday as I reflected on the many good memories of celebrating Hanukkah with my Grandma Laura… I started to choose to hope. I chose to hope that I would touch someones life like Grandma Laura has touched mine, then I prayed that my Caitlyn would have someone to touch her in the same way that Grandma Laura touched my life. (Caitlyn already is blessed to have two amazing Grandmas that are very close and love her so much and cherish her… blessed she is ! That is Hope) Then I checked my email and I was blessed yet again. Tickets to Martha Stewart!!!!!! And oh yeah its a cocktail party theme! So on December 22, my three closest friends will embark in our Christmas best to see Martha Stewart herself. Hope.
Tonight we celebrated this day of advent by going to see the Christmas tree lighting in Bellmore with friends from church. What a blessed time! We then went to get pizza because we knew little cait would fall asleep in the car and we saw 2 amazing friends Liz O’Brien and Naomi Cruz. Blessed!
So in honor of this advent season… May you choose to hope! It is so easy in this advent season to get lost in the “drudgery” of preparation. But take time to celebrate the season, prepare your heart for Him, the little baby in the manger and HOPE knowing that Lord is going to bless you today.


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2 thoughts on “22 days left till Christmas…. Hope

  1. Sarah Steiner on said:

    So true! It’s so easy to forget the little things and get absorbed in all the bigger things that seem to happen! The word would be a better place if we all just believed in a little Hope! Enjoy Martha! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. This was beautiful. Without hope…well, it’s kind of hard to even make it through the next hour sometimes without hope. Thanks for the timely message…lovely!

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