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Dream Big

Every morning we wake up … ask ourselves what day it is get dressed… maybe eat breakfast and run out the door and go through the mundane tasks of life or so you think. If you watched out president’s state of the union address he told of a story of Brandon Fisher, an ordinary guy from an ordinary town doing ordinary things until he heard of the Chilean miners halfway across the world and said you know what I can do something and used his little company to do BIG things. He invented the way to get the miners out! Can you believe it? You never know when you will do big things. God has given us all talents to use everyday in one way or another. I dare you all to dream big…. Whether you are a fan of President Obama or not.
Don’t wait for someone to come to you and ask for your talent…do everything you can to use your talents … put things out there and dream big. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I do and who I am … remember there are very important people that have had failures but the successful people rise above the adversity and dream big. There is a poster in my classroom put up by the GATE teacher stating all the failures of some really famous people…. not what their accomplishments were but what their failures were. Do you know that Abraham Lincoln was a postmaster and had the worst efficiency stats in the county? Another president who I cant recall right now went bankrupt multiple times before starting his life in public service? That baffles me to this day but they rose above it and did great things because they dared to dream big. If more people in this country could get this message and stop complaining we can all help to make our nations future bright and strong.
I think its also important to look around you to find inspiration. This January I made the resolution to read one book a month… a manageable goal yet challenging with a 16 month old. It was an autobiography of Hoda Kotb. She tells a story about one of her first job interviews that caused her to literally drive around in the car in a wrinkled suit chasing after producers who were just about to leave she was told from the previous interview ( you will have to read the book) The point is Hoda dreamed big!
I also find inspiration in young entrepreneurs. My friend Rachel Kemble was a child life specialist at Schneider’s hospital. She had talent as a photographer. She moved to Colorado and is now one of Denver’s best. They are many entrepreneurs on Etsy and would encourage you to check out http://www.etsy.com . Many of these people have quit there jobs and are following their dreams!


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