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For the Love of Knitting…….

Why do you do the things you do? Why are you drawn to the hobbies you pick? My answer is passion…. Some people say I have a lot of energy. Yes while I do have a lot of energy I also have a lot of passion. If you do not love what you do then what is the point of it.
With so many snow days, I have had more time to delve into my passions …running which we will surely discuss at another point in time, snowshoeing (again we will talk about that later) and of course knitting. What is more satisfying then the process of creating something out of nothing. That is what drives us as humans… to the teacher it is taking a child and molding and shaping them into awesome adults who are productive members of society, to the photographer it is capturing light and turning it into art, to a nurse its taking what seems like a hard process for all involved and making it easier, for the physical therapist it is taking injury and helping to produce function, to the carpenter wood into a house. We all long to make something out of nothing.
So why do I stitch because I love it. I design because I love it. I am up at 11:37 pm because I just can’t put my needles down. To many people it looks like insanity, yarn coming out of everywhere, project after project, unfinished project after unfinished project. But to us it is our passion.
Happy Knitting !!! We certainly do have the right weather for it !

As for today no new pattern I was stitching too much and the day got away from me. Soon though soon

I would love for you to comment and tell me whats on your needles…

What’s on mine you ask well…. a seed stitch cowl, cabled mittens and two sampler afghans oh and a sweater for a baby that is probably way too big for it and i dont think i have room to blog the uber amount of ideas running circles in my head.


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