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Thank you for encouraging my passion for knitting!

Encouraging my knitting passion……………..
Today was quite an encouraging day. (I really appreciated it as my stomach was not feeling good all day). It actually probably started last night at Life Group. I brought some preemie beanies for little RJ over to his new proud Grandpa’s house. Bob (RJ’s grandpa) was recounting to me how blessed they were to have these little hats and showed me once again a picture of little RJ smiling in a warm fuzzy hat. Earlier I had received and email from my friend Stephanie who was thanking me for the caps and had said that the NICU nurses at Good Sam had taken notice of his little beanies and wondered where she got them. She asked if I would be willing to donate some to the NICU. Of course I exclaimed… Thank you Steph and nurses at Good Sam I am encouraged.
As I treaded through the halls at school with my stomach pain, no matter what school I was at I was receiving compliments from colleagues who have been reading and been inspired by my blog to possibly revisit knitting, stitching or other form of crafting passion! Kim had stated hey I love your little hats! Thanks Kim.. I am encouraged.
Then at Merrimac, Sue had pulled me aside and said that she was inspired seeing my posts on facebook and would love to start knitting again. She is even thinking of meeting me for some lessons before school with some of the other teachers… Thanks Sue I am encouraged once again.
Off to yet another school and I was knitting in the faculty room (shocker) and a couple of the teachers were asking if it actually was relaxing, we had time to bond and share many stories about knitting and life. Thanks friends at Chippewa. I am encouraged.
Then I was off to pick up the little girl from my mother in laws house (She owns an awesome daycare and lovingly takes care of dear Cait as I work). I received a text from my husband asking me how I was feeling and if I would like to go to Michaels with him on a Friday night .. Heaven I thought to myself! Thanks Mark I am encouraged.
I then picked up the little girl and as soon as she saw me she grabbed my newly knit hat off my head put it on her head and in her little 17 month old voice exclaimed HAT!!! And showed it off to all her little daycare friends! Thanks Cait ! I am encouraged.
So to all my friends and family ! Thanks I am encouraged! I would love to take this opportunity to say that you guys all inspire me. You inspire me to keep stitching and keep reaching for the stars. Thank you and be encouraged!

P.S. As I reflect on this week, it has been quite the encouraging week! My cousin Rhea and my Aunt Peg want to learn to knit ! Here I come Connecticut ! The secret is … I really miss them so if knitting brings us together … Lets do it ! See you soon guys feb 12 or March or hey maybe both ! Love you !!! (I have the best family in the world)

I would love to hear what encourages you ! Please leave a comment !


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One thought on “Thank you for encouraging my passion for knitting!

  1. Your too cute! I want to learn so bad, but life is overwhelming at the moment 🙂 As soon as things settle I will learn! I sent my sister Rachel your blog and Etsy page since she loves to knit too! She actually knitted my daughter a teddy bear! So glad you are encouraged, I know the feeling well and its the best.

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