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Dry spell to Teddy Bear Sweater

Life can have its ups and downs. This past week was quite the busy one with many emotions and roller coasters. Creatively, this week has been quite prolific. Then today I felt dry. I wondered where this dry spell had come from after all my ideas this week I felt creatively stagnant. As Mark (my husband) and I decided after a long day to go to dinner I started to realize…that my creative life needs continual fuel to keep going. Just like a fire needs new wood so my creativity needs new ideas to burn. Today I had worked on many projects that I had contrived in my head from earlier this week but eventhough some of them weren’t finished I did not know where I was going next and that left me under whelmed to say the least. As we walked through the mall before dinner with amazing friends… new ideas started to flow. How did I want to approach the teddy bear sweater I was going to make tonight? That’s a nice insert name of winter accessory I would love to design something like that? Oh spring is all about neutrals..The created juices were flowing yet again. I came home put the little girl down to bed and then started stitching. And the teddy bear sweater was birth forth from my thoughts through my hook. Happy Stitching friends.


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One thought on “Dry spell to Teddy Bear Sweater

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