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Design by mistake

Have you ever had the intention to sit down and stitch and make something special and then when you are done you end up with something totally different? So my intention was to make an ear warmer for my Aunt Rhoda. I chose my fair isle stitch pattern from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting. I chose my addi turbos, I chose the yarn from my stash that was left over from a headband I had done from my mother in law and started vigorously knitting. I was so excited so that I could others done for my other Aunt’s in Vermont that all I wanted to do was to work on it. I finally finished the chart and was so excited to finish the headband. I had also just purchased a mannequin and couldn’t wait to put it on display and write my pattern but then…. (insert scary music) I went to try it on … and it didn’t fit. The elasticity was not as expected. So instead of being disheartened I bought another skein of the same colored yarn and will finish a hat for my little Caitlyn soon with more fun fair isle design through out. Aunt Rhoda….I will have to try again!

Would love to hear your design by mistake stories. Free pattern from http://www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com for first 5 comments.


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