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Valentines Day Sock Cupcake

In a search for something new and different to make for Valentine’s day, I thought of what food item could be mimicked in a crafty way. My thoughts were drawn to lollipops and cupcakes. Everyone loves a good cupcake. The newest craze is red velvet but my favorite is a good old chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow cream and topped with chocolate gnache. Inspired by the cute look of all the cupcakes and the awesome packaging, I decided to make a Valentine’s day treat look like the decadent yumminess that is cupcakes.
When I stopped at my local Joann’s craft store with my daughter I saw an awesome stock of fun Valentine’s day socks. What fun I thought to myself my sister in laws would love these socks !!!! I bought them and went to work creating. I made the socks into lollipops and packaged them just right for a perfect Valentine’s day gift and you too can make them!

How to make sock cupcakes
• Pair of really cool socks
• Clear pony tail holders
• Ribbon for a bow
• Clear cellophane for packaging
• Cupcake liner
1) Find a really colorful and comfortable pair of socks
2) Get the invisible pony tail holders ( the really small ones)
3) Fold the heel of the sock so that it is flush to the body of the sock. Fold the sock in half and roll to make a bulky cake like structure.
4) Place 1 ponytail rubberbands at approximately ½ way down the sock to secure the roll
5) Take the cake and place in a cup cake liner
6) Place a valentines day candy of choice in the center to be the frosting.
7) Wrap in clear cellophane and secure with a pony tail holder
8) Tie a bow at the bottom of the cellophane
9) Give to your favorite valentine !


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