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Where does your needle craft inspiration come from?

Inspiration from Classical Knitters
With the new resurgence of needle crafts, many of us “new” knitters are looking for information. I love to go to a LYS (local yarn shop) and just chat with whoever is in there whether it be the owner, customer or teacher. This practice is so underrated in this technological age. Knitting and crocheting used to be an art that you just knew. There where few written patterns for sweaters as most people of the period just “knew” how to make a sweater. Lately on my yarn shop adventures, I found myself at Knitty City which is really close to Central Park and started talking with one of the amazing staff members and we started discussing designing and where we get our inspiration. She found time while the store was a flutter with many customers and students to help point me to the right books I was looking for. I usually find knitting and crocheting books by accident and then find out later that the book that I thought was “the” source on a technique actually is. I left with “Knitting from the Top Down” by Barbara G. Walker, a book by Mary Thomas and Knitting Guernseys. Three of the most information packed books on knitting that I have ever found. If you are looking for a text book on sweaters and stitch patterns they are IT!!!!! This week on my blog I will dive a little deeper into what I find out to be THE authority books on needle crafts. So I say to a new generation of knitters and needle crafters not to pass by the books that look slightly dated because if you really want to knit and to eventually break away from commercially written patterns these books are for you !

Leave a comment about where your needle craft inspiration comes from and you will receive a free pattern from http://www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com


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