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Ok so its been a while…..Random rant about knitting and life right now!

My awesome daughter !So its been a while…. May is an outrageously busy month. Finals at school, annual reviews and IEP’s…grr. Ths good thing is that now that it is all over I get to knit and crochet and my favorite part design a whole lot more!!!! I will return to my review of the classic knitting books but for now just a little blurb about how I feel right now. So today was a day of really crazy emotions…. lots of stuff to do and lots of joy. I have many crafting options planned for this week which leave me slightly over stimulated but also excited. I have been knitting and crocheting baby blankets like its been my job ( I wish it was) with all the teachers at work having babies. Tonight we had a really good friend over and had steaks on the barbecue. I received info about work that could change my placement for next year and was left with a lot of mixed feelings. I have been reading Debbie Macomber’s Knit Together devotional which just might be life altering…. Saturday is the knit in public in Bryant Park hosted by Knitty City. I am uber excited about stitching with others who are just as thrilled as I am. I feel like I am at a cross roads in life right now. Where my job as a PT will take me next year, will my career as a knit and crochet pattern designer ever take off? Honestly only God knows and in His Awesome Hands I leave it all. Night everyone.


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