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Mrs. Jerry, Knitting, Martha Stewart, Suzy Allen and Pine Cones

“My baby-sitter Mrs. Jerry raised me with a glue gun in one hand and a whisk in the other”. Those were the first words I emailed the people at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia when I got an email from the audience department looking for a member of the audience to craft with Martha Stewart on her television show.
After about 5 days of emails back and forth and numerous phone conversations, I lived one of my most amazing dreams ever! I got to craft next to and WITH Martha Stewart. I am still pinching myself to see if this was a dream! But as far as I know it was real.

Today I arrived bright and early at Martha Stewart’s Studio. I was greated by two amazing producers Molly and Jenn. They lovingly introduced me to the staff I have so often seen on the show, walked me through rehearsal and then gave me to the awesome hair and make up department. ( Debra the makeup artist rocks ! and boy can she work wonders ! Some people are just really awesome at their job and are also super great people and that is Debra in a nutshell!)

We (Martha and I) made pine cone fire starters for a fireplace on those brisk autumnal nights. Such a simple but brilliant craft from the wonderful staff at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
Martha also highlighted two of my original designs on the show. One was my Vermont Twilight Fair Isle Hat and the other was a monkey rattle I had designed for my very soon to be born niece. The Vermont Twilight Hat was designed as part of the Hurricane Irene Relief effort to help Vermonters after Hurricane Irene caused massive floods and damage to a lot of rural Vermont. This was part of a partnership with one of my favorite local yarn shops in the greater Burlington area called Kaleidoscope yarns.They also have a great internet business that ships worldwide (www.kyarns.com) The pattern is available via their website under the hat download page.
The monkey rattle is a soon to be released pattern that I designed for my soon to be born darling niece baby girl w. (Can’t wait to meet you baby girl !)
As I write this I am so thankful and grateful! I cannot praise God enough for the tremendous overflowing blessings he provided me with today…..I am also exhausted and will with thanks head to bed. I will be sure to write more tomorrow… and as far as my blog… there is great stuff to come so stay tuned !

p.s. its also really cool to watch yourself trend on facebook. Thank you to all my friends who posted! Like me on facebook East End Home Arts!


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One thought on “Mrs. Jerry, Knitting, Martha Stewart, Suzy Allen and Pine Cones

  1. mary jean hunt on said:

    now that your famous-will you still help me knit! What’s your week like next week?

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