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So what does a knitter do when they are sick?

Eariler this week, Kaliedoscope yarns posted on their facebook that they didn’t feel good enough to knit. I thought no way impossible I have never felt like that… boy did I speak to soon. Within a matter of days I too felt too wiped out to knit. My friend posted that it was impossible. My mind thought of knitting but my body couldn’t focus past the aches and pains of my body. ( My hair hurt!) So what is a knitter to do?
After some medication and some rest… I eased back into it…. I started with reading the new interweave accessories, then i got inspired since my friend just had a new baby boy to make a polar bear sweater vest… so I am back ! Whew that was close !


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3 thoughts on “So what does a knitter do when they are sick?

  1. read my new blog post… too sick /tired to knit

  2. I have been known to fall asleep on the couch holding the knitting like a security blanket until the meds kick in and I can stitch my way back to humanity! Feel Better!

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