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I almost forgot…. Preemies are so Knitworthy!

So yesterday I blogged about who is knitworthy and why. Today as I was uploading pictures of my favorite knitworthy folks I saw a picture of little RJ Eggers. Reagan was born on 1/11/11 to good friends of ours. He was a miracle from the start… He was just about 2 lbs at birth and a valiant fighter! He conquered every challenge in his little life. I did not know what I could do to help the family so I did what I do best … I knit and crochet hats. As many as I could so he could have a new one each week. Pretty soon little RJ was fitting into newborn hats and next week he will celebrate his first birthday. Well little boy, I think I will have to make you a hat. And when your thirty and I’m still making you a hat. Please humor the old lady ( when you were born I was a young whippersnapper! ;))

Would you like to knit for preemies?
1) find a good pattern check my blog for many of rjs hat patterns
2) find a place to donate through
Kaleidoscope yarns in Essex VT has a place in her shop and will donate it to the local hospital, check out your local hospital
3) use super soft yarn , washable too as they must be washed before use on the little guys and gals
4) have fun decorate them, design new ones
5) pray as you knit/stitch! These little heroes fight for their lives minute by minute

Join me in knitting for these very knit worthy little human brings!




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