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New Skills!!!

As a stitcher, I am always looking to learn a new technique that’s why I was super excited when Interweave Crochet Winter 2011, had a basic sock “recipe”. This past Christmas season, I had been designing a lot of Christmas stockings (which are basically large socks!) and was über excited to bring stocking design to crochet.
I eagerly sat down with some leftover brown sheep yarn and started stitching.. Sounds like a great start right! Wrong! First of all, you know you are in trouble when you are trying to stitch with a two year old running around (she has a cold too…), second of all I assumed I knew enough to start changing things around, third of all I didn’t read all the directions before I dove in.

So why am I blogging about this experience. I am using it to encourage all of you out there with new years resolutions to learn new skills to have a successful experience.

1) Find a really great resource like Interweave Press Magazines, Vogue Knitting, a great book by your favorite designer ( my top 5 fave designers are Rosemary Drysdale, Nicky Epstein, Candi Jensen, Maureen Clark and Debbie Bliss…oh and Melissa Leapman too!)

2) Set yourself up in a quiet place with few distractions

3) Take on the journey when well rested

4) Remind yourself that mistakes are part of the learning process

5) Remember if you don’t succeed you can always try again and your success was in that you found one way not to do the new technique





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