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Countdown to Vogue Knitting Live!

Well it is t-minus 7 days and counting till Vogue Knitting LIVE in Manhattan. I have been eagerly awaiting this since the event ended last year. Last year I popped in on Sunday and realized how much more there was to do so this year I am in for three whole days and honestly couldnt be more excited. I am sure this will be the subjects of many more of my blogs this upcoming week but to start I just wanted to give a list of the top 5 Vendor booths I am looking forward to and why you too should but it on your agenda
1) Green Mountain Spinnery-
A co-op owned US based yarn company that helps to keep the whole North East’s Fiber industry booming. Not only do they make their own yarn but they process and spin many of the local farm’s wool as well. This summer I saw some beautiful wool at the Stowe’s Farmer’s market and turns out it was spun by the spinnery. Mauree ( one of the owners) usually attends and she is one of the sweetest and most helpful people I know. My favorite yarn is the mountain mohair…alapca elegance… sylvan spirit … ok maybe I cant decide on my favorite
2) Habu textiles-
This is a NY based company so many in the local area have experienced their studio on 29th street but for those of you coming from afar this is a treat and a half. They have many different options that are just mind boggling. The even have a paper yarn, stainless steel yarn oh and copper too! Another must on your agenda.
3) Koigu- the colors are sure to woo you into buying their amazing yarns and if that doesnt get you the texture will not let you leave the area without a skein to try. My first koigu experience was at Purl Soho and I have been in love ever since.
4) Drew Emborsky- For your crocheters out there Drew Emborsky! Yup the crochet dude will be there and his whole new line of amazing crochet products. (Geeking out !)
5)Nicky Epstein’s booth- The designer herself with her amazing collection of books she has written. She is amazingly prolific in the knitting and crocheting world. A great place to find some of her hard to find books! Always great to get a signed copy as well ! Love her!
Hat is a design of mine from Green Mountain Spinnerys Sylvan Spirit
Habu textiles studio
And purl soho





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