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Cables Cables Cables!

How many times have you looked at a beautifully cabled garment and said … I wish I could do that it is so beautiful but I like to do simple things. All too many times I have said that. One day I was in an amazing yarn shop in Essex, VT called Kaleidoscope yarns. With a pattern in hand from Green Mountain Spinnery for a bulky weight cabled mitten and I was paralyzed with yarn choices and if I could actually do it. Even though it was kind of busy in the shop the amazing staff at Kaleidoscope yarns took the time to explain to me that it was just simply taking the stitches to another needle and holding them in front of or in back of the work to twist stitches. It was a release of fear that enabled me to dive into the world of cabling. (They also helped me to pick out some gorgeous charcoal grey yarn)

So you might be saying, I am still fearful. I will try to do a blog post on technique soon but for today here are my tips on choosing a project….
1) Choose a simple pattern (not more than 4-8 row repeat)
Why? because counting rows take concentration
2) Give yourself time to learn in peace and quiet (its not fun to yell at your two year old because she is stealing your cable needle)

3)Try possible knitting your project in a round… That way you can minimize purling until you have the technique down

4) Enjoy cabling really is fun and rather simple when you get the hang of it!

Want some great projects to start off with … I just so happen to have just listed four great cable hats in my etsy shop http://www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com

Mention the word cable in the checkout message to the buyer and you will receive a free cable pattern with your purchase.






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