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Live from Vogue Knitting Live its Tanis Gray

Here I am at Vogue Knitting Live so fun! I took my first lecture with Nancy Soriano (@nancysoriano). It was all about turning your passion into a business! Very good! ( a blog for another time).

I went upstairs in the short time I had to say hi to my friends at Green Mountain Spinnery! Their new yarn Capricorn is better then I had imagines and I thought it was going to be magnificent! Yeah bulky weight yarn from the spinnery!

I turned the corner to the Knitty City booth which is always awesome and saw designer Tanis Gray who wrote Knit local and also loves Green Mountain Spinnery as much as I do! I had a great little chat..
Q: where are you living?
A: Washington dc, I am teaching a lot at fiber space!

Q: what are you up to now?
A: keeping up with my 8 month old son and just came out with a new book!

Q: are you classically trained?
A: my mother taught me when I was about 8 years old and I picked up a lot of information when I worked at vogue knitting in the city !



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