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Great finds at VK Live

I think I am still recovering from Vogue Knitting Live but I can’t help write about all of the fabulous things I saw and bought. My second blog about this event will cover the amazing booth that Knitty City. ( The link to their shop is on the right of my page). I first found out about them last year when I had visited Vogue Knitting Live. I loved their little set up and I was entranced by the Knitty City tote bag everyone was carrying and I had to have one. After seeking the booth out just because of the tote bag (yes branding is that important!) I was amazed at the amount of books that covered such a wide range of knitting techniques. Then the copious amounts of book signings had me hooked.

This year was even more spectacular then last with the likes of Tanis Gray, Nicky Epstein, Brandon Mably, Cookie A, Rosemary Drysdale and Sally Melville. Everytime I walked by I think I bought another book…My favorite was Tanis Gray’s Kntting Local. The other two I picked up was the Color Knitting book by Amy Djetsen and Meg Swansen of School House Press and Barbara Walkers First Stitchionary ( you can never have too many stitchionaries)

So much more to come….. enjoy!





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