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Yarn, Yarn Yarn from VKlive

Yarn, yarn and more yarn… My blogging about Vogue Knitting Live continues… Once again VK live out did themselves with finding amazing vendors. My top three yarn vendors this year were…
1) Green Mountain Spinnery
2)Lana Knits- Hemp for Knitting
3) Bijou Basin
And here is why….
1) Green Mountain Spinnery:
I know that I had put them on my top 5 list of vendors and they lived up to all my hype. The wonderful staff had curated an amazing yarn selection for us to enjoy. They debuted there new bulky weight yarn CAPRICORN. It comes in amazing earth tones such as gray(natural gray), natural beige( natural white), a camel brown(natural dark) and a red hand painted as well.

I picked up some wonderfully wooly in poppy for a design in process, some sylvan spirit to make mittens to match one of my newest designs the Wolcott Tree Hugger Hat.(Check it out in my etsy shop http://www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com), and some amazingly hand dyed Simply Fine in a dark palette that is serving as inspiration for a shawl that reminds me of the night sky or in this case it would be the knit sky.

Check out what they have at http://www.spinnery.com. Please remember they are a U.S. based business ! Always great to support our local economy !!! They also have a great shop conveniently located off I-89 in Putney,VT so on your way to ski this winter stop by for your yarn fix.

2) Hemp for Knitters by Lana Knits http://www.lanaknits.com-
As a knitter who is obsessed with bags it is often hard to find a yarn that is sturdy enough to hold up to what you designed it for . I have been on the search for that perfect yarn for a while and I found that at Lana knits very close to the runway stage on the second market place floor. She had an amazing color selection in different weights other than fingering which is so hard to find yet again in hemp! Kudos ! Check them out as well and look for great new designs from me for my summer line due out in the beginning of May!

3) Bijou Basin- Yarn made from Buffalo fiber from Colorado… Need I say more and great colors too! Check them out at http://www.bijoubasinranch.com

More tomorrow from VK live!!! Anyone else still feeling like they have to go to sleep at 9 every night because they are so exhausted…..in a good way of course!





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