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What? Caught without a project? Who me?

It doesn’t happen very often but when you can get some quality stitching time in it might just happen that you finish all your projects when on the go… A tragedy I know. Today it happened to me! I was sitting in church happily stitching ( yes i knit in church, no im not the only one and yes I have my pastors permission) when I noticed that the super bulky weight hat I was stitching had grown to a length where binding off needed to occur. I happily complied k7 k2tog….. Etc but then I got to the point to switch to dpns and I didn’t bring them… Aghh!! Quick look for another project but I didn’t have the right hook size…. But I needed to stitch but it was just at the right time and the sermon was over and it was time for worship. I went to get my daughter from Sunday School and brought her upstairs. My husband was working on a photography project with my pastors wife so I took her kids and my daughter to the parsonage. I ruffled through my bag again hoping to see something I missed but to no avail but then i saw the yarn from a hat I designed yesterday! Finally yarn and the creative juices started flowing again and bam coffee cup cozy!!! Sweet!
So what have I learned or reinforced:
1) you can never have too much yarn
2) always have more then one set of needles in your bag (it saved me today)
3) always good to memorize a stitch pattern or two ( yeah barbara walkers wheat ear cable)
4) always plan for one stage ahead of your project




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