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Crafting with Caitlyn- Cupcake Valentines

My daughter Caitlyn is a busy 2 and a half year old toddler who loves to spend time with her mommy. I consider myself lucky that as of right now she loves to craft just like her mommy. Today we sat down to craft and we developed this cute little cupcake valentines!

1 already made cupcake card out of card stock ( you can trace a cookie cutter as well)
1- set of dot markers
Various colored pencils

1) with colored pencil draw or outline various parts of the cupcake, icing, cupcake liner
2) color in your liner however you would like
3) using dot markers stamp icing onto cupcake
4) make cherry by using red dot marker and green colored pencil as the stem
5) write a cute quote such as you are my cupcake and give to your favorite Valentine!







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One thought on “Crafting with Caitlyn- Cupcake Valentines

  1. What a cute and great idea!! I’ve been wanting to do a valentine project with Velda for her classmates. We might be making cupcakes! =). Thanks for sharing!

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