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Fleece Preemie Beanie

Fleece Preemie Hat
Gauge: 4 sts/in
Yarn: soft fleece yarn (worsted weight)
Needle size: Us 8 (5.0mm) 12 in circulars / and or dpn’s
Co= cast on
Pm= place marker
K= knit
Rnd= round
Using a long tail cast on co 35 sts
Rnd 1:Being careful not to twist sts, pm and join rnd and K every st around
Repeat rnd l until piece measures 3 in in length begin decrease
1) k5 k2 tog around
2) k each st around
3) k4 , k2 tog around
4) k each st around
5) k3, k2 tog around
6) k2, k2tog around
7) k1, k 2 tog around
8) k2 tog around
• Leaving a long tail and a yarn needle pull that yarn through the top sts and weave in ends
• Donate or give to your favorite preemie charity, local hospital or friend.


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