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Projects on my mind!

So much knitting to do so little time! Deadlines, knitting for fun and yes baby showers. That pretty much describes my knitting but at least I love it! Seize the day and stitch the night away ! (catchy I love it!)

With so many projects to do it is good to organize myself. Today in peace in quiet I searched in my stash for yarn I might want to use in the baby blankies. I organized yarn I am using for submissions and placed them in respective project baggies.

5 Ways to organize your knitting/stitching!!!
1) Divide your yarn stash into manageable projects
2) Organize your projects into bins and bags
3) Dont forget to pair your pattern with your projects or a journal for you to write with
4) Make sure you have all that you need to do what your planning
5) Make a checklist and lay things out on a calendar to be able to manage your time in the most efficient way

Even though you want to accomplish things do not forget to let your knitting breathe when it needs to breathe you never know when you will have a revelation and your project can you take on a whole nother course.




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