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Dear Technology …regards…not so happy with you designer

As many of you are checking in to see what our soup of the day is tonight.. I am sorry to say tomorrow shall have two as I have been beaten up by the odds all day. As I went to make dinner and my soup recipe for the day to test for you all I realized the onion I had just bought was rotten….awesome… ok take a deep breath… you can go through the archives in your cookbook but again epic fail as my husband valiantly helped my amazing mother in law get an awesome free dish washer. So when he arrived back home and the two year old was down for the night I started to finish my submissions for Creative Knitting Magazine so….
Dear Technology:
I do not understand why you must fail not only slightly but epically when you are really needed. All I asked was for a decent internet connection but no not till 5 minutes before the deadline was near ( they are in the midwest so I am hoping maybe it was received secondary to the time change) Optimum online you say you have high speed internet but no one else in the house can be on anything else when you are trying to do something important… thanks again.
Then my pdf writer….. I still do not understand why you adamantly refuse to print to pdf but…..you are to go to bed without dinner !
Sincerely not so happy with you
Suzy Allen
(p.s. I still love my technology but every once in a while it needs a firm talking to ! Maybe i should have done it sooner you say… i know i know i know i know … i do have a two year old, a family and a full time job)

So I will let you know … maybe I will be published soon


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