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Baby Blankie take three!!!

I love my friends and as you well know I love knitting for them! Especially friends who are knitworthy! So with the new group of friends having babies I have taken to knitting for little ones once again… Shocker … I know.
The problem this time is now there are expectations. I started the first one and I was soooo excited until I realized that the yarn I bought from a seedy place a couple of years ago should have never been bought.
Then I remembered that I had a work in progress that I could finish up. It looked great last time I saw it… And I quickly found it in my wip basket… I still loved but it just wasn’t quite right for this particular family ! My husband even explained to me that my caliber of work had increased considerably and that wip in progress was in his words unacceptable. ( don’t be a hater he was right! I wouldn’t let a subpar photograph of his out and I’m glad he protected my image)

Then just then I remembered about this yarn I had purchased at Kaleidoscope Yarns in Essex,VT on a stash enhancing expedition! I had bought with a baby blanket in mind, it was soft and machine washable… 4 skeins of Berrocco comfort chunky! Perfect it will work up fast but then the decision as to what stitches to use….
Tune in tomorrow for more details and some other fun baby stuff!!!





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