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This is what a miracle looks like! An itty bitty preemie a year later!!!!

There are many things that happen in my daily life that are worth blogging about but at 11:00pm on a sunday night after the Grammys really I should be sleeping but just as I did my final Facebook check tonight I saw one of my favorite little ones sporting one of my designs in a picture!

My friend Steph was approximately 33 weeks pregnant when she started suffering from preeclampsia. The baby and mommy were both at a serious risk. All of our friends were praying and waiting! The doctors decided to perform an emergency csection for the benefit of the baby and the mommy. Stephs shower was suppose to be the following Sunday.

RJ was born at 2 lbs 9 oz. I knitted for him fervently !!! I mean who better to knit for then this really small little human that God had blessed us with. With every stitch RJ, grew bigger and bigger! Until preemie hats turned into newborn hats and I’m so pleased to say that he is rocking his first year birthday hat designed by me!

Love you little man! (btw when you get a hat for every one of your next birthdays it’s bc I’ll never forget what God has done in you and through you and I can’t what he will do with your life!)

Do you have a preemie in your life to knit for check out our awesome preemie hats on my blog!!!!




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