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Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

As a mommy, you always want to make your child’s Valentines day experience that much more special. This is really the first year that the kiddos at daycare will be old enough to enjoy treats so I may have gone over the top but I started with making this super cute doily treat bag. ( As a crocheter, I could really appreciate the doily detail!)

So here is how to make it:
-treat bags one for each child
-Martha Stewart paints
– paper doilies
– paint brush (I like using the daubers best)
– something to protect your workspace
-coffee filters or something to hold your paint
– time and love
1) Pour paint into vessel to hold it. I like to use coffee filters as I have a lot of them around since I bought my Keurig and they are easily disposable!
2) Place your cloth treat bag onto your work surface
3) Position the doily where you want to stencil it to
4) Take your dauber and dip it into the paint , while holding the doily in place (very important) carefully dab your brush over the doily.
5) repeat step 4 until the area you desired is covered and voila treat bags for all!




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