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My Knitting Life List- A review of an Amazing book- The Knitters Life List by Gwen W. Steege

So what relaxes you at the end of a stressful seemingly productively unproductive day… Knitting of course I know but what else… Reading about knitting you got it!

I just returned home and I wanted to sleep bc I was exhausted yet I was wound because of an earlier conversation about politics which I normally enjoy but bc I was tired and exhausted I did not have the usual mental fortitude to make my case. So after a short jaunt on google about topics discussed I found myself cleaning a task I don’t normally like to do but bc I was too wound to go to I was awaiting my daughters laundry to be ready to be switched I was cleaning fervently.

I just got a new desk so I was so excited when I realized where I wanted my knitting books I started to search for them and out of the woodworks came “The Knitters Life List” by Gwen Steege which by the way also has a great book about knitted stockings.

I fervently flipped through the book as I was getting reacquainted with an old friend. I was in search of more things to mark off as well because of my recent trip to Vogue Knitting Live in January! So I looked through the chapters and the life lists and was able to add things I wanted to learn as well as check off some personalities I had met! I had met Vicki Howell and Debbie Stoller check!!!! They are both lovely btw and in the pics through our the book I happened to recognize that there was a picture from the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival and even better cheesy I know but I recognized the Green Mountain Spinnery booth! The funniest part is that I looked more closely to see if I knew anyone in the pic as I love their yarn and have talked shop with them at length I realized that both Maureen and Margaret were in the picture in the book as well! It’s a super small wooly world out there!!!

Thanks everyone for reading!!!! That blog was amazingly calming to write… Maybe next time I will finish my review! Lol!




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