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Elizabeth Zimmerman and Independent Knitting

This past weekend my roommate from college was here and my husband and I decided to keep her company on her way into NYC. She grabbed her subway to jersey and we were unleashed into the city. The best part of the city is that if you walk for a long enough period of time you will stumble upon something awesome. As we meandered to the city we made ourselves to Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

The original intent of my trip was to pick up Lion Brand’s Stainless Steel Wool to use as an experiment. But then as I wandered around the shop I found a jewel….. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop. I has already bought Knitting Without Tears and couldn’t wait to tear into this book.

I always wondered why everyone was so enamored by her and her books. But until you read one you will never know. My favorite is how she teaches you to be independent of patterns and understand how garments are constructed.

The big eureka moment for me in this book was Elizabeth’s percentage system for knitting sweaters. For me this was revolutionary. I have taken a lot of design classes and we talk about how long and why but the percentages are revolutionary.

So my challenge to you today is to just pick up one book and tell me how long it was before you put it down.

I’d love to hear your stories about Elizabeth!



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4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Zimmerman and Independent Knitting

  1. Maureen on said:

    My favorite is Knitting Around. I still have not put it down and its been 20something years!!!!

    • Ooo I haven’t found that one yet!!! I’m diving in! It’s so exciting to really understand her thought process. Trying to soak it all in. I’m thinking of designing a hauser sweater for Caitlyn and then maybe one for me to match! Enjoy stitches west Maureen!

  2. the only sweaters I have been completely happy with have been EZ based. love her. (I have knitters almanack, and covet the rest.)

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