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Cowl vs. Scarf

The more I design for submissions the more eureka moments I have. I have spent pretty much the last year of my life focused on developing my design skills so that I could dive into the world of knitwear and crochet-wear design!

Lately, I have been inspired to challenge myself to do one luxury skein projects. A constant theme has been cowls. Not only are they trendy but they are functionally useful. Just adding a cowl to your wardrobe makes a statement and adds warmth! (speaking from experience of course!)

So I started to ponder the benefits of knitting or wearing a cowl vs a scarf. And men, cowls are for you as well. ( right spencer and Reggie? My friends at Fiberist yarns llc).

In favor of cowls:
1- Warmth
2- If big enough it can be used as a hood
3- Fashionable
4- Quick to knit
5- Uses less yarn then a scarf
6- Travels nicely- when it gets too hot you can throw it in your bag quickly!

1- Easy to stitch
2- Can be worn in more than one way
3- Many different styles

Well… Seems like a toss up by current fave is a cowl. How about you? I love the comments lately please keep them coming!!!!




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