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Reading Your Stitches- The Independent Knitter

This past week, I had wrote about Elizabeth Zimmerman and her amazing book Knitting Workshops with Elizabeth Zimmerman.  She always talks about being a free knitter not tied to patterns and this post is in that independent spirit. As a knitwear instructor, I feel it is imperative to teach your students how to read their work. I know it may sound weird to some but I have many students who become dependent on the pattern so much so that if  they loose it they have no leg to stand on. So in short I think the most important thing is that the “V”‘s are knit stitches and the bumps are purl stitches. Most of the time the Vs are on the public side or right side and the bumps are on the non public side or  wrong side.

Yes that is really simplified but trust me it is essential in becoming a well rounded knitter !


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