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I heart the day when the Spring Knitting Magazines arrive!!!

Today was a crazy day! The first day back after vacation is always a bit crazy. So when I arrived home, my husband took one look at me and said how about we go out for dinner (we are trying to not eat out) but we packed up the family and went to Bobby’s Burger Palace at the mall! Our trip to the mall always includes a trip to Barnes and Nobles to play with the trains! It am absolute must for our two year old daughter, Caitlyn! After a crazy day I was starting to unwind. My husband told me to go take a walk through the knitting magazines… I definitely don’t want to know what I looked like by then but off I went! On my way downstairs,I said God it would be a blessing if the spring knitting mags were out and….
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!! Both Interweave Knits AND Vogue were out!!!!!

Elated, I started flipping through them and both were too good to pass up!!!! I brought them both home with me!!!!

In Interweave, one of my favorite fibers was reviewed. It is Tencel! Which is actually made from wood pulp! It is super soft and super Eco friendly! The best part of the article is that Green Mountain Spinnery’s Sylvan Spirit was chosen to be reviewed! I have knit and designed with it! It is a great fiber and the colors they have available are awesome as well. Check out my Wolcott Tree Hugger Pattern on my Etsy site for a great pattern using this yarn http://www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com . You can buy this yarn at http://www.spinnery.com !

The other great article they had was on the longevity of a great designer Mari Lynn Patrick! Her designs have spanned decades and her designs are still timeless. I took an intense class with her at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC. And the article is true to her warm personality, passion for design and great professionalism!

Tomorrow, the Spring Issue of Vogue Knitting!!!

So go out and get your spring knitting fix! Nothing better to help pluck you out of the winter doldrums!




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