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Relaxed Knitting

I like a knitting challenge just as much as the next stitcher, but sometimes you just want to relax while your knitting. Knitting you can do with a glass of sangria at your side!

As I dive into the world of design I continue to have to challenge my skills to make my designs complete. Last week I took a color work hat to my life group which is usually a great place for me to stitch…. But try to discuss and follow a chart while trouble shooting your design! It’s pretty near impossible to do all three at the same time.

So to relax, I love to put something on the needles to just knit. On straight needles I love the garter stitch. You can do so much with it and all you have to do is knit… Knit… Knit! I also love knitting hats ! Especially preemie hats…. Shocker I know! The funniest part is when I wear a simple garter st accessory that’s when I get the most complements!

So what’s your favorite stitch or thing to work on when your relaxing?

For great resources on just knitting.. Try Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knit One purl none, any of my preemie patterns or any of my great patterns .. Www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com



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2 thoughts on “Relaxed Knitting

  1. Alex on said:

    I don’t knit…but I’m thinking maybe I should. Sounds relaxing!

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