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Knitting Surgery and the patient did well!!!- Fixing Cables

Sometimes you are doing a challenging project and you absolutely feel like you are a rockstar! The pattern has a nice rhythm ! You might even start toting your challenging project with you to different places… Then with excitement as you end your row you go to bask in the glory of a repeat well done. Just as you begin to smile…. OH NO!!! It’s a mistake!!! My cable zig when it should have zagged!!! The pit of your stomach turns….
Really!! Great now what am I suppose to do… I’m going to have to rip it out I know it… Maybe I should google it or maybe I can look in my fix it book!
The options are plentiful and I’m here to help you make the decision!
1) Rip or frog out all your work!
It may seem like a good idea but with cabling it is very difficult to do a fast frog and then know where you are! I don’t recommend it unless its very early on in your work
2) It was only one cable so you can actually use duplicate stitching to pull the cable in the direction you need. Good for rope cables but more difficult with serpentine cables!
3)Take out the cable ONLY and take it out row by row!
– This is my preferred method bc you can use the strands that you pull out to help count what row your on
– You don’t have to waste hours of reknitting the garment you painstakingly knitted!

How to:
1) knit to the trouble cable. Leave all sts on your needles except the actual cable. Rip one row at a time by pulling out the yarn of each st to one row below the problem.
2) Put the cable on your left handed needle and use the strand for the respective row to reknit and reconstruct the cable.
Warning make sure you meticulously follow the pattern and use the right strand for each row!

Let me know how it works for you!





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2 thoughts on “Knitting Surgery and the patient did well!!!- Fixing Cables

  1. darciad on said:

    Love it when I can fix a problem rows down from where I’m working! A few years ago that would have scared me spitless!

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