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Knitting Jargon

Why do people make it so hard sometimes?

I wonder as I dive more into the world of design what the definitions of some of terms they are using. People in the fashion world like to toss around words like set in sleeve, dropped shoulder, half drop, maxi length, double taper and then they describe it using more jargon. I guess as being a physical therapist by trade I am very sensitive to this as it is absolutely unacceptable for a PT to say to a patient well… Your shoulder is painful because the supraspinatus muscle is being frayed as you elevate your shoulder because the head of your humerus is banging into your sub acromial space! I opened a design book today and I think I need a dictionary to just read through it. While it definitely has some interesting information in it I really just want to put it aside and go pick out one of my favorite books on design instead.

As a knitter we must be approachable and as designers we must be approachable too. Sometimes we delve into the finer details when someone was just really complementing one of our designs.

How do we get rid of the jargon
1) Pur yourself in the shoes of the person listening … You too were a beginner once and remember just how hard it was to do the long tail cast on for the first time. ( btw I knit for years before I knew it even existed my mom showed me an e cast on and it worked well till a older snooty knitter gasped when I said what do you mean long tail cast on?)
2) Remember its always great when you introduce someone into the world of knitting we would love to have them say….this week at church a guest pastor had talked about how we make church unapproachable by using big words that no one else knows but the insiders… Us knitters we are also guilty as charged.
3) Open your mind to learning from the person who is talking to you . You never know what you may learn.

Night night and happy daylight savings time! Oh no it’s midnight! Night night!



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