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Why we do what we do!!!

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” – Steve Prefontaine

Yes… I just started a blog about knitting using a quote from a runner! Why you may ask… Because it helps me to describe my passion. I have always been a passionate person. In everything I do I give 1000%. I am a runner, a physical therapist, mom and a wife…. As you all know I’m also an avid knitter. As soon as I got involved I dove in as any passionate enthusiast would. I bought as much yarn as I could afford, books galore and needles boy do I love needles!

As I continued to grow in my hobby my passion became design. I am a left handed person in the right frame of mind so I just had to start designing. When I started knitting almost 10 years ago there were very few design books available. I started my own quest by seeking out information on garment construction, drape and fit. With many thanks to the Internet I found out I was not the only person and I surrounded myself with like minded people.

After the information age revolutionized Knitting as we knew it the design books began to pour out. Classics began being reprinted ( Principles of Knitting- amazing btw, Alice Starmores fair isle, and of course Elizabeth Zimmermand and Barbara Walker!) Tonight I found myself studying with a book that will surely be a classic.., Shirley Padens design book! For someone who enjoys knitting and fashion is just a long for the ride it’s a great introduction to garment construction and their schematics… There is so much more then that but that’s where I got to tonight.

So to the brilliant knitters who have come before me! Thank you for imparting your knowledge and investing in the future of knitting. I hope one day to be as great as you!

So sometimes when you are wondering why you do what you do whether your knitting your first scarf or you design for one of the great publications… Open up a classic and remember this is why you do what you do!

“Don’t give up on a thing you cant go a day without thinking about”
Winston Churchill

Comments welcome fellow knitters!



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