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You are so knit-worthy/crochet-worthy!!!

Crochet/Knit Worthy: (noun)
A term used by stitchers alike that describe someone that is worthy of spending countless hours knitting or crocheting an item, toy, accessory or if really special a garment for.

The term itself may seem simple to you but as a stitcher this is a very precious term not used very often because it takes a lot for a stitcher to give this special honor to. As we leave the holiday season, many people check their Christmas card list to see who sent them one and who didn’t… well us stitchers we have our own list of who is worthy of handmade stitched items and who is not. A lot of times people graciously accept your handmade items with a polite smile or gentle thank you, other times people tell you it doesn’t fit or its not their style. Then there is that person that laughs with joy, gasps at your handiwork, immediately dons the item and proudly parades it for everyone to see, I have even made some people cry. Now those people are knit/crochet/stitch worthy. These are the people you long to knit for. As a new knitter, you think they are a dime a dozen because really who doesn’t like a scarf. As your skills grow and you start cabling, lace or even if they are really special entrelac, you realize there are less and less people that appreciate your new skills and you never see the items again. (People, to a handmade artist this is like when your favorite Aunt goes out and buys you the most exquisite bridal shower gift and you hide it in your closet! To you you don’t want to ruin it but to your Aunt she wants it to be used because she uniquely picked out for you!) Then (enter the deep drum music) when you can take your skills and put them on garments, the list gets even smaller. (yes, even husbands sometimes are not worthy of this honor!)

So who is knit/crochet/stitch worthy…….(It is different to every person but for me here is my top 5)
1) My darling little Caitlyn Joy-
Yup my two year old is the most knit-worthy person in my life currently! I know hard to believe and many will disagree but come on she asks to go to the yarn shop and picks out the yarn she wants for her hat. (yes it is true she asked me to make her a hat and she picked the most beautiful wool roving called Crea at our local yarn shop in Stony Brook, NY Rumplestiltskin)
2) My sister in law Jonelle Wuttke! She is great… she knows I am going to knit her something so she finds a style she likes or a picture of what she wants so I know exactly what to make her. Some may say thats picky I say she is a smart cookie for telling me what her style is. If you don’t tell me how do I know!

3)Emma Katherine- my baby niece! She is 6 weeks old and yup knit worthy…. Ok i know i have an obsession with stitching for little ones but my thought is teach them young and who knows! She has a whole year of hats to wear.. yup you read that right a whole year!

4) Shana Cassidy Carroll- My dear friend for a while. I designed for her new baby boy Quinn a gorgeous ( if I do say so myself) Log Cabin-esque baby blanket. Not only have I seen it in public many times, she even texted me for specific washing instructions because she wanted to treat the organic cotton the right way. You warm my heart Sha!

5) Sarah Steiner! Just facebooked me to tell me that her little Elsie snuggles with the cabled blanket I made her!

6) My co worker who I have not yet knit for but responded to a frustrated holiday post asking the fb community who they thought was knit/crochet/stitch worthy and why…hmmm I wonder what Bob wants me to stitch him.

So thats my list ! There are more but those are the ones that have encouraged me this week ! Maybe there will be a follow up to this blog…only tiime will tell!





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One thought on “You are so knit-worthy/crochet-worthy!!!

  1. The Jersey Wife on said:

    I so needed to read this post. I have been crocheting for decades but last year I picked up a pair of knitting needles and fell immediately in love. I have a friend who cried when I knitted an afghan for her and apparently it gets a lot of use because her kids want one of their own. I have family members who give me that “oh look another yarn thing” look. I thought it was just me. Glad to know I’m in the same boat with others.

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