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Montauk Knitting Shop Reborn- Purl By the Sea turns 1!

It must be the week of exciting yarn news here on Long Island. Not only did Rumplestilskin open their kiosk in the Smith Haven Mall but Montauk’s own Purl by the Sea is turning one! Nora Franzetti, owner of the shop had closed approximately 2 years ago when her husband had died after a long illness. Nora took some time for herself to heal from the loss of her husband but longed for her little knitting shop to come alive again. Nora decided a year ago to reopen Purl by the Sea. She was gloriously backed by a community of knitters both locally and not so locally ( I live 2 hours away…I will travel for a great yarn shop!) I found out about their closure shortly before planning my 30th birthday celebration in May with friends! I was having a relaxing day at Guerney’s Inn and Spa when I noticed a girl knitting in the gift shop. I had mentioned to her how sad I was that the shop had closed and was wondering if she had any information and she looked at me with a puzzled delight… “You didn’t know Nora is back !” I could hardly contained my excitement and dragged all my friends into town to check out this little knitting store that could !

Since that day, I have been to Nora’s shop a bunch of times. I have taken classes with the great Rosemary Drysdale, attended their many trunk shows and even participated in one of their yarn crawls. It is with great delight that I will travel out there this weekend to celebrate with Nora and the crew at the shop Leslie, Jane and Ellie. I will be giving a mini lecture on keeping your body healthy as you knit (don’t worry I will blog about it as well) as well as be offering an East End Home Arts exclusive pattern especially for Purl by the Sea. (I may post it on the blog if there are enough comments) So come join me , Rosemary Drysdale and Carla Scott from Vogue Knitting as they reveal the new Crochet magazine. I cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!! See you there ! 


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