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What row am I on again?

I love a good lace pattern as much as the next person. This week I found a deceptively elegant pattern that gives a great effect. The pattern is melodic just like the one I discussed in a previous blog. I even proudly to say it have almost committed it to memory. Only one problem….
I was sitting at my local Starbucks working on this pattern rocking out to an awesome worship mix on my iPhone then boom … Where am I? Not quite sure I tried to guess… But then an extra stitch… Oh boy I’m in trouble. After 15 minutes of trouble shooting I vowed not to do it again! I then remembered some tips I picked up in one of the classes I took at Vogue Knitting live. So here are some tips to help you remember where you are…
1) keep your eyes glued to the pattern( just kidding) if you did this you would invariably make a mistake because your eyes are not on your work

Here is the real list of the top 5 things you can do to help you keep your place
1) Use a row counter- click away
2) Use a highlighter to mark your place: I would suggest highlighting each row a different color
3) Use highlighter tape and move it from one to the next( very effective)
4) Use a pen or marker to lay under row your doing ( see pic)
5) Use a magnetic page line marker

What tips or comments do you have? 5 and I’ll post the lace pattern I’m designing!





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