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Vogue Knitting Spring Collection in Person

A while back I had written about how happy it makes me when the spring knitting magazines arrive at the local yarn shops. Today, I got to experience Vogue Knitting’s spring line in person!

It’s even hard to put this experience into words! Purl by the Sea in Montauk, NY was celebrating their one year as well as the opening of the new shop! Nora had invited Vogue Knitting to come to the shop and they came! Executive editor of Knit Simple magazine and knitting editor of Vogue Knitting Rosemary Drysdale brought the issue to us. A slide show of the spring issue helped us to appreciate the details of the work. They also brought about 20 pieces from the magazine for us to see, try on and admire! Carla wore the cover sweater by Shiri Mor as she presented. Mari Lynn Patrick’s mohair silk sweater was amazing to see in person. There were so many and I will write about more tomorrow as I am nearing 10pm and have been up knitting every night until 2 this week preparing to go out to Nora’s.

I also designed two patterns for the event. Which I will probably post for all my loyal blog readers. I also presented a healthy knitting lecture which was fun as well.

Overall an amazing day and I also won a Della Q messenger bag! Yeah! Will definitely write more tomorrow when I have my issue in front of me and give details about the garments I saw first hand! I heart Vogue Knitting!

Comments appreciated! If you were there double bonus!!!





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