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Summer Poncho by Shiri Mor

As promised yesterday I am reviewing the pieces of Vogue Knitting’s Spring of 2012 issue as I saw them all in person at an event celebrating Purl by The Sea’s one year anniversary.

The first piece to review is none other than the cover piece itself by designer Shiri Mor ( who happens to be a friend of mine and I admire her work greatly!). The piece was exquisite and because it was quite the chilly day out in Montauk, Carla herself donned this exquisite poncho to add a bit of warmth to her attire for the day. It is moments like this when I wish I would have taken pictures but I was having so much fun who was going to stop to take a picture.

The benefits to making this for your spring wardrobe is that the garment construction is simple so as to avoid lots of increasing and decreasing in lace patterns but the detail in the hand stitching will keep you interested and on your toes! The panel has a 20 row lace repeat that is easy to recognize when you knit up so as to avoid making mistakes as you knit. Also great to make as a gift because the sizing is for one size fits most!

This piece is a hands down winner to add to your spring collection of hand knits! Great job Shiri and congrats on the cover.

Comments welcome! Will post the cowl pattern tomorrow! If anyone has pictures of the event please let me know so I can post them!



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