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Crochet comeback !

I am not sure about you but every where I look crochet is back. The lacy and airy knits of last year gave way to the year of the hook! The best part is even knitters want to look like they are crocheting. Crocheting isn’t hard at all. I actually think it is easier. Lacey openwork in crochet is so much easier as crochet.

Ask you local crocheter to help you learn ! I know i have many friends in cue!

Do you like to crochet? Leave a comment. If there are more than 5 comments I will post a free crochet pattern.


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5 thoughts on “Crochet comeback !

  1. Now that I can actually crochet correctly, I love it. I’ll admit it was frustrating though when everything was coming out lopsided.

    J. G. Burdette

  2. I love crochet and I’m so happy that its everywhere at the moment. I think I might even try and learn how to do it over the summer!

  3. I’ve also noticed crochet is very in style at the moment! Love it!

  4. I love crochet because you can just put it down whenever you need to (very helpful with children around!)

  5. Does posting twice count? You have 5 comments now – am I too keen? 🙂

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