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For the Love of Crochet

There are many needle arts out there and I love them all. Every once and a while, its nice to return to your first love. I started crocheting because I just loved the look of homemade and handmade scarves. The very first pattern I used was out of Woman’s day magazine and I used a skein of Lion Brand’s homespun. I think I made one for everybody I knew (some people still have them– btw you are totally “knit”worthy or “crochet”worthy if you still have it). My boyfriend (now husband) Mark was in the hospital recovering from his spleenectomy and I needed something to do so I ran to my local craft shop ( I had no idea about local yarn shops LYS) yet and got myself some ugly yellow yarn, and H hook and a leisure arts book. I sat in his hospital room concentrating so hard that my hands sweat so much the paint on the aluminum hook actually came off ( I haven’t had that happen since!)

Lately, I have been doing a lot of knitting and crafting until I was looking at some looming deadlines for some magazine submissions and I was totally inspired to start designing crochet items again. Would love to show you them but then I would have to …. well… you know.

For now, i encourage you in the new year to:
1) Return to your first needlework love
2) Learn a new skill in your favorite needle work
3) Take a class at your Local yarn/craft shop


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One thought on “For the Love of Crochet

  1. Good luck with your submissions 🙂

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