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Vogue Crochet Magazine- Giddy with excitement

A couple of days ago, I received an email that has had me overcome with excitement… The Vogue Crochet issue was available on the iPad! As an avid reader of Vogue Knitting, knitter and crocheter I am always to see a crochet design in the pages of the magazine from time to time. When I heard they were publishing a whole special issue dedicated to crochet my heart melted and brimmed with excitement. Like any other good stitcher would do I “borrowed” my husbands iPad and read it cover to cover.
The designs were even greater then I had imagined. I was excited to see some of my favorite crochet designers designs take the front and center of the issue. Candi Jensen had two great designs that I can’t wait to make, Shiri Mor had a pair of socks that will rock your idea of crochet and Mari Lynn Patrick amazed with her granny square pieces.
As a younger stitcher, I am so thankful to see this beautiful art showcased in such a way that is modern and fashionable.

So who’s ready to get hooking? I sure am!



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One thought on “Vogue Crochet Magazine- Giddy with excitement

  1. Good luck with this. I have done some over the last years and sure find it amusing when I get to finish one I think looks nice…lol…Perhaps I would share a photo of the last one i did…..hi…hi…:-)

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