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Tell your Mother that you think she is TEA-rrific!!!

In a Mother’s Day brainstorm, I was trying to come up with homemade Mother’s Day gift that people would appreciate and maybe brighten the day ! Plus who doesn’t like a spot of tea!
1) cards
2) tea related clip art (tea cup,tea bag, tea pot)
3)glue stick or adhesive of your choice
4) favorite tea to share
5) favorite pen to write with

How to:
1) Place card on your work surface
2)prepare your tea related clip art by cutting and trimming. Then apply adhesive on the back
3) place on your card in desired location
4) write your favorite TEA-rrific sentiments
For a TEA-rrific teacher! To a tea-rrific grandma! I think you are TEA-rrific!
5) write or stamp a sentiment on the inside of your card
6) Give to your favorite mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there ! Take some time for a spot of tea!



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