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Vogue Crochet- Tips from the Stars!

Vogue continues to impress and show their dedication to crochet! Today on their Twitter feed they posted 23 tips and tricks from today’s crochet stars!

All of them were excellent but my favorites were…
1) Drew Emborsky “The Crochet Dude”: – use yarn you love!
I think this is super important! You are taking the time to make something with your time, skill, effort and love. Do it with a material you love. My fave yarns are anything from Green Mountain Spinnery, Kraemer Yarns, Berrocco Yarns, Madeline Tosh hand dyed yarn, and Claudia’s hand painted yarns.
2)Jennifer Hansen:
Warns you to loosen up your stitches remember we are creating fabric, it’s all about the drape!
3) Vicki Howell:
Offers some advice on crochet gauge! Crochet gauge is a whole different beast then knitted gauge and therefore you must swatch to get optimal outcomes. I once made a garment and had to change my hook size to three sizes smaller because I tend to be a loose crocheter!
4) Candi Jensen –
Her advice is to use the whole part of your crochet hook if you work on shaft only you will get a tight garment !
( I might add that Candi Jensen has really done so much for crochet! Her work inspired me in so many different ways! Her designs are super modern and uses many different techniques!! I heart Candi Jensen!)
5) Kathy Merrick:
Suggests that because crochet fabric is thicker and denser than knitted material use one yarn weight lighter when crocheting !

Thanks so much to Vogue and their dedication to Crochet! What are some of your tips and tricks blog friends! Comment and be entered to win a set of 5 crochet patterns from my Etsy shop!
Vogue Crochet tips from the stars!






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6 thoughts on “Vogue Crochet- Tips from the Stars!

  1. I am increasingly seeing more and more posts on crochet and I am getting quite interested. It’s something I never learned when I was younger as my mum probably never learned herself, instead we focused on knitting, sewing & tapestry. I saw a crochet hook today in a shop but refrained from buying it (this is the new me!) before I had read how to crochet and found out if it’s something I’m capable of! What’s the best way to learn do you think? Cath.

  2. great article! lizzierosejewellery I teach myself using the tutorials from crochet geek on youtube…just a suggestion.

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