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RJ’s Striped Preemie Beanie- Great to whip a few for charity

Another great preemie hat to knit for charity or your favorite little preemie. Sized to fit a preemie from 2 and half lbs to 4 lbs. Super stretchy and versatile. Pattern may be used to give as gifts and charity but pattern may not be sold and items made from this pattern may not be sold.Free preemie beanie pattern

Pattern: Ridged baby cap

Yarn: 1 skein of sport weight baby yarn

Skill Level: advanced beginner

Estimated time to finish: 2 hours

Needle size: US 6 (4.0mm)

Gauge: 5 sts/in


Sts= stitches

Co= cast on

K= knit

P = purl

K2tog= knit two together


Co 44 sts

  • Being careful not to twist sts, place marker and join rnd
  • K1, p1, around for 4 rnds

Next Rnd:

  • Knit each st around for 5 rnds
  • Purl each st for  1 rnd
  • Repeat these last two rows 2 more times
  • Knit one more rnd


  • k 9, k2tog, around
  • k each st around
  • k8, k2tog
  • p each st around
  • k7, k2tog around
  • k6, k2tog around
  • k5, k2tog around
  • k4, k2tog around
  • k3, k2tog around
  • k2, k2 tog around
  • k1, k2tog around
  • k2 tog around
  • Leaving a long tail cut yarn and with a yarn needle thread through remaining sts and pull and weave in yarn

© January 31, 2011 East End Heritage. Pattern may be used for instructional purposes as long as credit is given to the designer Susanne Allen-Wuttke and  her shop www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com.


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