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Home with the kiddo – painting

I think we are never too young to expose our children to art and exploring creativity. A bunch of my friends have been having their kids paint on canvas and I had filed it in my memory for such a time as this! I had brought my mother a finger painting Caitlyn had done with my mother in law in daycare and my mom was like thats great I would love it on better paper. I was like really mom ! It’s a finger painting not a van gogh! But when I was thinking of a Valentines day gift for my parents I went out and bought canvas! Canvas, a variety of different brushes and of course paint. I set it up in the living room and let Caitlyn have at it and here we go!
Would you like to do it?
-4 paints of different colors – I used Martha Stewart Crafts- Satin in valentines day color palate
– 4 to 6 different brushes
– coffee filters to use as disposable paint trays
– painters canvas bought at your local craft shop
– time and patience
1) on a clean and roomy area, place canvas on table
2) place colors in their own coffee filters and place on a paper plate to protect the area you are working on
3) invite your child to paint their heart out!







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