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Yarn Events for June 5-11

June 4-10 Yarn events


June 92012- Argyle Park, Babylon, NY Long Island Knitters Guild Bring a chair, refreshment and can for a local food bank hosted by

Knitty City hosts World Wide Knit in Public Day in Bryant Park

Sunday June 10th, 2012- Bryant Park 2:00-4:00


June 5th 10-12 @WEBS Yarn store in North Hampton MA, Meet Iris Schrier

June 6-10 Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, Holderness, NH Squam Art Workshop Retreat

June 7-10 Fairgrounds at Stanley Park, Estes Park, CO Estes Park Wool Market

June  8-10 Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio, TX Texas Folklife Festival

June 8-11 Coast of Maine Maine Knitting Cruise with Bill Huntington

June 9-10 Dallas County Fairgrounds, Adel, IA Iowa Summer Sheep and Wool Festival

June 9-10 Butternut Hill Campground, Bouckville, NY Central New York Fiber Artists & Producers Annual Showcase: From Animals to Art

World Wide Knit in Public Day www.wwkipday.com Find an event in your area


Advent Calendar

Here is the picture

Advent Calendar
Do you know what today is? Some people say December 1st. Yes, you are right December 1st. One of my favorite days of the year! It is the first day that you can use your advent calendars!! For me that means, It is the day to assemble an advent calendar. Some people use chocolate, others wood, some cloth… as for me it depends on what hits me. Last night I realized oh no tomorrow is the first day of advent and yet again my year long quest for an advent calendar has come up empty. I went to Michaels to get some yarn for a project I was designing in my head and then I saw them… clothes pins. Yup that’s right clothes pins… Christmas clothes pins. Hmmmm…. I thought what could I do to make that into something for this holiday season. I went across the way to work at Barnes and Nobles to work on my lab for today. I pulled out my computer and started the work I needed to do but it was so noisy because it was a book fair night for a local elementary school which just so happened to be my old elementary school , Signal Hill. Unable to concentrate my mind shifted back to those clothes pins. Ok I thought I can definitely make an advent calendar out of them but what will I attach them to yarn? a Christmas tree? Oooo Ribbon! I found gorgeous 1 ½ in wire ribbon in festive holiday colors.
And here is the end result….

How to make it:
• Materials:
o 1 yarn 1 ½ in grosgrain ribbon in festive holiday colors
o 25 clothes pins
o 1 silk poinsettia flower
o 1 4 in piece of glitter card stock
o 1 slightly small piece of white card stock
o 1 sharpie marker
• Instructions:
o Mark each clothes pin with a number 2-24
o Mark one clothes pin with the word Christmas on it
o Write the words “Wuttke Family’s Countdown to Christmas” enter your own family name of course
o Attach clothes pins to the ribbon in order
o Attach placard to glitter card stock and glue to the top of the ribbon
o Hot glue the poinsettia flower on the bottom of the ribbon
o Hang in a spot that is prominent in your house. We chose the back of our front door which is in our living room
• Take time to countdown the days to the day of Jesus’ Birth! Christmas! With your family. All while teaching them their numbers in my 15 month old’s case. And spending quality time with them.

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