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For the Love of Crochet- Part 2

So yesterday I shared about returning to my first needlework love- crochet. I thought I was going to blog about something else again but I must admit my first love just keeps wooing me more in her direction!

Today in an effort to design some modern mittens I turned to one of my favorite stitch dictionaries (there are so many out there) but the current one I am using is Interweave Press’s: Basic Crochet Stitches. The textures are gorgeous, the colors are beautiful.

Ah crochet, how I love thee….
1) so easy to transport
2) so versatile
3) getting a makeover by modern designers

Not sure if you like crochet…. pick up a modern stitch dictionary or a great modern crochet publication and just try it watch that hook woo you.

The best thing to bring you back is some modern patterns… check out my shop for some great ones http://www.eastendhomearts.etsy.com


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